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Our Story

A Vision turned into a Mission

In 2012 I had a vision of creating a way to bring resources to the local communities in need. At the time I did not know how to get started but knew that one day it would come to fruition.

In 2018 while working as a Membership Development Manager, I kept running into people that had real everyday needs, but they did not know where to go or get started. The vision came back, and I thought, “Why not bring the resources to the communities instead of them trying to figure out where to go?” 

In July 2018 I received my letter being approved to be a 501(c)3, I quickly connected with local likeminded companies who shared the goal of helping those in need, created a team and started having events in communities. 

August 31,2018, we held our very first large community resource fair. We fed over 200 people and bought much needed help.

Our monthly events are held in different cities in Polk county. Make sure to subscribe at the bottom of our home page to know if the next event is near you. 

My goal is to continue growing our team in order to provide more assistance to the community. 
I, along with my team are Bridging the gap between the community and resources, we are CARING AND LOVING COMMUNITY CONNECTIONS.
Vision Statement: Bridging the Gap Between The Community and Resources Via Events.
Mission Statement: Bringing together free community resources and groceries to communities via local events. 

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